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[WIP] Improved SH5 HMS King George V class battleship for SH3

le Sam 28 Juil - 10:18
- SH5 model successfully imported, alignement fixed in Wings3D.
- Corrected textures (were too much dark).
- Resized funnels and reworked their shape (seen from above)
- Corrected basis of main guns on the model (size, height and position).
- Fixed all guns' traverse parameters.
- Added the_Frog's own guns (permission granted by him)
- Strange light reflections on the hull corrected by the_Frog
- Corrected glitches on masts (inverted faces)
- Added a big detailed flag (Testpilot, resized by Jeff Groves)
- Added the missing rudder
- Created a nav map icon with true size and shape
- Reworked the small flag masts (bow and stern)
- Corrected smoke for the second funnel


Problems to solve :

- the two cranes have to be remapped with texture
- the AA guns have to be corrected to conform to the historical data (not found yet)

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