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Ghost 74' ship

le Sam 28 Juil - 10:52
This mod is JSGME ready. If you don't have this tool (JSGME), you have to place manually the files into the appropriate folders.

For the historical background, the 74' ship (74 guns) was created by french engineers around the 1740s. At the time, that was a huge technical advance.

I didn't create the ship from scratch. I found her in LSH3_V5 supermod (NFD, for Flying Dutchman). But she had only 10 guns and there was a bug with them. It took me very big efforts and time, but with stubbornness and analysis of different files types' structure, i finally managed to make them work. And then, i decided to add as many guns that a real 74' ship had !

So, the ship is capable of firing a full broadside (37 shells) with three different types of guns (16 inch - 8 inch - 4 inch). As the ship is a ghost, her capabilities are formidable : high navigation speed, high rate of fire, huge firing power, and she's unsinkable ! Her default name is " L'Invincible ".
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