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Aircrafts and Rockets Mod Empty Aircrafts and Rockets Mod

le Lun 23 Juil - 1:30
Aircrafts and Rockets Mod NnRG5dv


The major purpose of this mod is to introduce rockets fired from airplanes. This weapon is already contained in GWX 3.0 but at a very basic stage, without historical characteristics. With this mod, rockets will appear (as basic loadout) automatically (depending on historic dates) on the airplanes already scripted in your campaign files. So, there is no need to modifiy manually your campaign files.

This mod is also adding or replacing absent or bad modelled aircrafts with some far better 3D models, made by different talented authors. Moreover, I’ve created for them many various new features and visual or technical improvments.

The bombs and the air torpedo 3D models have also been improved.

I've also totally re-worked the visual effect when a rocket is fired.

This is a standalone mod, and I guess it may be used with any types of SH3 installation, whatever supermod, or even the stock game (“vanilla”).

Aircrafts and Rockets Mod HYNaxHH

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