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Basics and theory (empirical understanding)

le Mar 24 Juil - 20:36
I'm going to try to explain how I understand the damage system of SH3, or in other words how the ships can be sunk !

In fact, it nearly all depends on the .zon file of the ship. This file contains :

- the general data of the ship (node called "ColisionableObject") : number of HP (hit points), the armor level and the crash depth. ;
- the damage boxes and the collision spheres.

1. General data

- the number of HP : each type of shell fired against an unit will inflict a certain amont of damage to it. In fact, the shell will "take" a certain number of HP to the ship AND to the damage boxe(s) which is (are) hit by the shell. When the ship's HP are all loss, the ship will sunk automatically. If the ship has explosive damage boxes (ammo or fuel), they will explode instantly ...

- the armor level : as far as I understand, a shell can't inflict any damage if the ship and/or the damage boxe has an armor level higher than the max armor penetration value of the shell...

- the crash depth : when the ship or submarine reaches this depth, some HP are loss (the total number of HP of the ship decreases, not the HP of the damage boxes, except if they have also reached their own crash depth).

2. Damage boxes and collision spheres

- the damage boxes : they represent the internal rooms of a ship. There is many different types of damage boxes. They have their own properties, written in the Zones.cfg file.

- the collision spheres : they allow to decrease the ship's and its damage boxes' number of HP during a collision with land or wih another ship.

More to come ...
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