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U-Boot bunker Empty U-Boot bunker

le Lun 23 Juil - 1:09
I'm creating the bunker from real plans.
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U-Boot bunker Empty Re: U-Boot bunker

le Sam 28 Juil - 17:39
Kendras a écrit:Yes, I know how the light is applied on the vanilla bunker, it's all fake (halo textures, and fake light painted on the walls). But with a special light controller, I'm able to add real light (as for the starshell light).

Be careful with that controller: it gives nice lighting effects, but it is very hardware-intensive and, at least in SH5, it has always caused lags when triggered in large convoys. I don't know how it might perform in a busy area such as a port, crammed with many units, objects and effects.

Kendras a écrit:OK. Thank you for the help. We will see that when the 3D model is finished ! Wink

Definitely yes. AO baking is one of the last stages, when the 3D work and the UV unwrapping is finished. By the way of UV maps, remember to make your UV projections not overlapping (i.e. make sure that no face overlaps with another face in the UV map, not even in part), if you want the future AO map to be blended with the texture map. Blending the two maps is almost forced in SHIII, since support for multiple UV projections is quite basic in that game. "Overlapping" UV projections are allowed when they only apply to diffuse textures. This is actually a trick commonly used in stock models to keep texture size reasonably small (the same texture is used on many models and the same texels of one texture are used several times on the same model). Overlapping UV projections don't work well for AO maps however, because the intensity of the shadows rendered on AO maps depends on the topology of each model, and different portions of the same model have different topologies. Probably harder to explain than to understand... I hope I made myself clear anyway
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