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[WIP] Historical mission. The PQ13 arctic convoy.

le Ven 3 Aoû - 21:38

PQ-13 was a British Arctic convoy that delivered war supplies from the Western Allies to the USSR.  It comprised 19 merchant ships and was escorted (from Iceland to the Soviet Union) by one cruiser (Trinidad), two destroyers, and two trawlers, augmented by three whalers being transferred to the Soviet Navy. PQ 13 left Reykjavík on 20 March 1942. On 24 March, the convoy was struck by a violent four-day storm, which left the convoy scattered and in disarray. The ships were dispersed over a distance of 150 miles. Over the next few days the ships coalesced into two groups, of eight and four, with four others proceeding independently.

This convoy was attacked by german destroyers, u-boats and aircrafts.

U-boats involved

U-593 (Kelbling VIIC)
Wolfpack Ziethen: U-209 * (Brodda VIIC), U-376 * (Marks VIIC) and U-378 (Hoschatt VIIC)
Wolfpack Eiswolf: U-435 * (Strelow VIIC), U-454 (Hackländer VIIC) and U-589 * (Horrer VIIC), later joined by U-456 * (Teichert VIIC) and U-585 (Lohse VIIC) ++

* U-boats that fired torpedo or used the deck gun.
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